Just got back from my first HEC meeting. Was short and pleasant unlike the GBMs…or at least unlike the ones I’ve seen which isn’t too many 😉

This Need For Speed was seriously getting addictive so I deleted the folder. Now theoretically it still can be got back but I hope I’m too lazy to do that before the endsems. Tomorrow I have another Physics Quiz for which I am slightly prepared. Today I started filling up my second 160 GB hard disk with stuff to take with me. Mostly movies and TV serials which will otherwise use up my time next sem like the 50 odd movies and 230 episodes of “Friends” and “Joey” that I watched this sem.

Finished half the TA hw that I have to submit tomm. I don’t know why…. no matter how much time I get to do something it will always be done at the last minute whether it is ‘tronics or TA or exam/quiz preparation. Of course quiz prep is sometimes not done. Anyway, just another twelve days for this semester. Ahhh sounds so nice. Hmm. Uh oh. Yikes! That means 7 days for the endsems! Eeeek !

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