This website was down for two days due to some misconfiguration with the server (to be precise, the cc personnel forgot to mount the /www folder on the studentshome server). Yesterday was a holiday. Had plans to study something but instead spent the whole day playing NFS and watched a movie. Today also the same thing happened after class. I just can’t seem to sit (or to be more precise lie on my bed) with a book for more than 10 minutes before I get distracted. Last semester at this time, I was getting distracted by my CD player but fortunately or unfortunately, it fell from the table to the floor and the control board inside cracked a but and it didn’t work. Thanks to that, I was able to study last sem. This sem nothing like that will happen I guess. Must control myself. Quite a few personal things have happened too in the past day or two.

Tomorrow is the last NCC class that I’ll get to attend. We get to go in civil dress this time. Also have a batti lab after that, also the last batti lab. I missed the last NCC class where they gave us our washing allowance for the semester only this time, unlike last sem, instead of money they gave 3 or 4 bars of Nirma soap. Until I get a “pass” in NCC, I’ll stick to calling this an “interesting development”

Yesterday a friend asked me to keep a guitar in my room for the weekend. Since I had nothing else to do,l tried to learn to play it using an online tutorial and its pretty easy. I am thinking of buying a guitar next semester. Only problem is that there is a severe crisis in my room… I don’t have space for anything. I’ve tried hanging stuff from the ceiling but even now there is no space. Table is totally occupied with speakers and milk powder and a lot of miscellaneous thing. Feel like cleaning up. But whats the use? I have to anyway pack up everything. Nah I better clean up. If I keep thinking like that, next sem I wont even unpack my stuff thinking “anyway I have to repack” The cricket match (at Kanpur) was a big disappointment. Each time India loses it for some reason affects my mood. Today was the last D-zero class for us…. I think. We got our feedback forms to fill. D-zero was in general pretty nice. Some classes in between were a bit boring but the beginning and end were pretty nice and I got to recollect a lot of random stuff I had learnt about computers since my Class 6. When I was in 6th, I learnt up all the powers of two (2,4,8….1024…1048576). Did some analysis on them. Some of it came back in today’s D0 class.

&^@#%#RT^%#FETDF My wingmates and roommate are driving me crazy! One guy is running away with my cordless mouse. Other guy is swinging my speaker, doing the reverse of damped oscillations so that it will hit my head soon. Another guy is stealing water from my water bottle. And the last guy is fiddling with my electric toothbrush. Ok no more Mr Nice Guy. Im going to get my stuff back !! Attack!!!!!!!

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