Yesterdays quizzes went ok. I should get full in Math. Electronics … can’t say since there was scope for plenty of simple mistakes. Phy went ok. TA Lab went pretty fast. I’ve progressed a lot in TA, speed wise… in the beginning of the semester I was among the last to finish the lab work . Yesterday I was the first to leave 🙂

Life is not fair. After scoring 315 runs in our innings, still we lose and to top it off the centurion doesnt get the man of the match award. Next match is in Kanpur. Hope we win.

Watched a movie “You’ve got mail”. Was a nice movie. I had seen a Hindi movie on similar themes (about Internet chat friends meeting up in life). The Hindi movie I think was called “Mitran”.. watched it last year I think. It was interesting to see Yahoo Messenger on TV. Anyway.. all the people I chat with, I have met at least once in real life so I hopefully won’t get any surprises.

Most likely I won’t be able to take up the overload next semester due to clashes. Finally I’ve decided on MOS and Electrical as my ESOs. Great, now I am late for Electronics class again. So far technically I haven’t skipped a single electronics class but I’ve missed the first fifteen minutes of almost every class so effectively I’ve missed about 6 lectures so far I guess.

Anyway… better start my marathon cycle race to the LHC.

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