Last time I think I said that life was tension free. Sure ! I started doing my TA HW an hr back. Tomorrow is going to be even more tension free… 9pm to 12 pm I have 3 non stop quizzes then from 2 to 5 or 6 TA lab.

Anyway yesterday was fun… took the guys for a wing treat at a restaurant called Picasso. It was fun and maybe Ill describe that trip separately. Pre registration has started. So far I’ve decided on one ESO for sure (MOS). I talked to the instructor and he said he would make the course open (no restriction on class size). Also told me in advance to expect 12 quizzes during the semester. Other ESO is ESO 210… Electrical Engg. I’m reasonably sure of taking it but just have to check up on the instructor and get some details on the course. I’m still wondering whether I should take up CS 719 as overload. I think I will.

Anyway… time to get back to TA and hope the quizzes go well tomorrow.

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