Finally, this blog script works. Phew ! Past two weeks have had a lot of ups and downs with the ups overshadowing the downs or to be precise, the “down”. The down was my phy midsem which went much worse than what I had expected.. ended up getting marks a shade below the batch average. Maths, Phy and TA were reasonably good. The other ups are being shortlisted for the Lucent scholarship interview and being elected CC secy for the coming year. This week I spent a lot of time on the Hall 2 site…. making a secure polling system (which I think is reasonably foolproof now) and of course moderating the discussion board.

My batch B3, has 3 non stop quizzes this Tuesday (Phy Math and Batti) and I havent studied anything substantial for the same. Batti Ill somehow manage a 9 or 10 but remaining two I have to spend some time on tomorrow.

Today is the JEE screening. Brings back memories of last year… I was at Jaipur staying at a hotel with my dad the day b4 JEE. Dad went to confirm the railway tickets and I was alone in a room with a TV. So what do I do? Push my Brilliant YG file to one side, switch it on, grab the remote and flip through the channels. Watched a movie… forgot the name but it was about an American college rugby team and their way to the top. Next day JEE went quite good and I was pretty sure of qualifying. One year later, life is fun, no tension. Wait a minute… actually lots of tension… I better stop writing and start studying Phy now.

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