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April 28, 2005

The past few days saw a lot of water fights, a really bad dust storm, thanks to which the floor in my room and the table is covered with dust. I don?t feel like cleaning up since anyway everything will become dusty when I leave it for 3 months 😀

I ended up watching a couple of movies in the past few days … starting with a DVD of the 2005 release ‘Tom and Jerry blast off to Mars’ and ending with “Sweet November” just before the Electronics endsem. Sweet November was a sweet movie (pun NOT intended) and put me in a nice mood for the exam.

The exam was pretty ok though not much of what I studied came… Of course I didn?t study much but that?s a different issue. Yesterday I didn’t feel like studying so I started packing some stuff after buying yet another trunk which I could fit into and started dumping stuff in.

Anyway… I better go for dinner and then study for my Math exam tomorrow morning.


April 25, 2005

I just gave what I think is the last Physics exam of my life.. No more infinitely long wires, no more smooth spherical shells, no more Poynting vectors, no more radial charge distributions and most of all no more of a book called “Griffiths”.

But I must say I enjoyed Physics to a large extent since it is basically a set of obvious laws describing things you expect to happen (If you push something, it accelerates… written in a more exact form F = ma and a lot more which may not be so obvious).

Another reason I liked Physics was that it gave some kind of life to what I studied in Maths… vectors, integration, differentiation, curl, divergence and more.

As usual, after the first exam, I feel like all the exams are over 🙂 After the exams I should be in for what I think will be a very interesting two weeks, meeting a lot of students.

Sigh. Normally I go to have a haircut during our PE-102 running sessions and then return in time for the attendance 😉 but PE 102 stopped two weeks ago and I haven’t had one since, and I don’t feel like going all the way there just for a haircut.

Anyway time to study Math.. Electronics, mostly I won’t study and the Math exam is 14 hours after the ‘tronics exam… inclusive of 8 hours of sleep in between. Nah I don’t feel like studying anything… I think Ill go and have lunch. Only thing is that two of my wingmates have sworn a very “wet” revenge (yet another waterfight) and so I have to watch out … they might attack any minute.


April 22, 2005

Two more days for the Phy exam. I (properly) started studying Phy yesterday evening (found out from my wingmates which topics are contained by which pages). Had a water fight in between 😀 Usually, as the exams draw near, many of my wingmates tend to go slightly crazy and it takes only a tiny spark to start a fire (another way of putting it is .. it takes only a small drop of water to cause a full fledged water fight). The past few weeks saw one water fight with the wing below us and another with the wing next to theirs (that however was inspired by the Musical Extravaganza).

Today morning there was another HEC meeting which lasted for about forty minutes. One thing which I really like about the HEC meetings is the free cup of tea 😉 heh he 😀

There are two ways I use to study Math… one is to try and understand the theory and then do the problems… this method goes very fast but I need to be in the “mood” which…um… well… you get the idea. The other method is to directly look at solved examples and understand the theory part from there. This takes longer but doesn’t require me to be in a “mood”. Today I did a bit of Maths using the second method.

Yesterday, I got invited to the Techkriti Dinner at the SAC. The catered food was pretty good. Talked to someone regarding the methods students use to download movies from outside the LAN and learnt some very *interesting* facts.

Today I started playing anagrams on the second DC++ hub. Scored pretty quickly until I suddenly realized I was getting addicted and stopped 😦 Anyway…. its time to get back to studying… or at least pretending to study 😉


April 20, 2005

The past two days saw the last lectures of all the four courses. Attendance was surprisingly high (compared to last semester, this time).

This evening, I *finally* started my preparation for Phy. What did I do? I photocopied all the assignment papers which I lost. Now all I have to do is solve them. Easier said than done. After the photocopying, I didn’t feel like studying and a button came of my shirt so I tried to stitch it back. Took 5 minutes to find the needle and thread, another 5 minutes to persuade the thread to go inside the needle’s eye and another twenty minutes to stitch on the button but in the end I felt like I’d climbed Mount Everest 😀

I’ve temporarily given up on revising for Physics. ‘Tronics I don’t think I will revise till the day before the exam. TA I am reasonably confident, the only problem being I have hardly seen the TA French book this semester. So that leaves only Maths to study.

I had my last TA lab yesterday. Made a rocket. Nothing great but still I’ll get to tell my friends at school that I made a 3 Dimensional rocket. Today, I heard about an incident involving a duck which happened during a recent seminar at IITK which literally had me dying with laughter!.

Anyway…another eleven days for me to leave Kanpur. Packing is going to be a big disaster this semester thanks to a lot of extra stuff I brought/bought during the sem.


April 18, 2005

Just got back from my first HEC meeting. Was short and pleasant unlike the GBMs…or at least unlike the ones I’ve seen which isn’t too many 😉

This Need For Speed was seriously getting addictive so I deleted the folder. Now theoretically it still can be got back but I hope I’m too lazy to do that before the endsems. Tomorrow I have another Physics Quiz for which I am slightly prepared. Today I started filling up my second 160 GB hard disk with stuff to take with me. Mostly movies and TV serials which will otherwise use up my time next sem like the 50 odd movies and 230 episodes of “Friends” and “Joey” that I watched this sem.

Finished half the TA hw that I have to submit tomm. I don’t know why…. no matter how much time I get to do something it will always be done at the last minute whether it is ‘tronics or TA or exam/quiz preparation. Of course quiz prep is sometimes not done. Anyway, just another twelve days for this semester. Ahhh sounds so nice. Hmm. Uh oh. Yikes! That means 7 days for the endsems! Eeeek !


April 15, 2005

This website was down for two days due to some misconfiguration with the server (to be precise, the cc personnel forgot to mount the /www folder on the studentshome server). Yesterday was a holiday. Had plans to study something but instead spent the whole day playing NFS and watched a movie. Today also the same thing happened after class. I just can’t seem to sit (or to be more precise lie on my bed) with a book for more than 10 minutes before I get distracted. Last semester at this time, I was getting distracted by my CD player but fortunately or unfortunately, it fell from the table to the floor and the control board inside cracked a but and it didn’t work. Thanks to that, I was able to study last sem. This sem nothing like that will happen I guess. Must control myself. Quite a few personal things have happened too in the past day or two.

Tomorrow is the last NCC class that I’ll get to attend. We get to go in civil dress this time. Also have a batti lab after that, also the last batti lab. I missed the last NCC class where they gave us our washing allowance for the semester only this time, unlike last sem, instead of money they gave 3 or 4 bars of Nirma soap. Until I get a “pass” in NCC, I’ll stick to calling this an “interesting development”

Yesterday a friend asked me to keep a guitar in my room for the weekend. Since I had nothing else to do,l tried to learn to play it using an online tutorial and its pretty easy. I am thinking of buying a guitar next semester. Only problem is that there is a severe crisis in my room… I don’t have space for anything. I’ve tried hanging stuff from the ceiling but even now there is no space. Table is totally occupied with speakers and milk powder and a lot of miscellaneous thing. Feel like cleaning up. But whats the use? I have to anyway pack up everything. Nah I better clean up. If I keep thinking like that, next sem I wont even unpack my stuff thinking “anyway I have to repack” The cricket match (at Kanpur) was a big disappointment. Each time India loses it for some reason affects my mood. Today was the last D-zero class for us…. I think. We got our feedback forms to fill. D-zero was in general pretty nice. Some classes in between were a bit boring but the beginning and end were pretty nice and I got to recollect a lot of random stuff I had learnt about computers since my Class 6. When I was in 6th, I learnt up all the powers of two (2,4,8….1024…1048576). Did some analysis on them. Some of it came back in today’s D0 class.

&^@#%#RT^%#FETDF My wingmates and roommate are driving me crazy! One guy is running away with my cordless mouse. Other guy is swinging my speaker, doing the reverse of damped oscillations so that it will hit my head soon. Another guy is stealing water from my water bottle. And the last guy is fiddling with my electric toothbrush. Ok no more Mr Nice Guy. Im going to get my stuff back !! Attack!!!!!!!


April 13, 2005

Yesterdays quizzes went ok. I should get full in Math. Electronics … can’t say since there was scope for plenty of simple mistakes. Phy went ok. TA Lab went pretty fast. I’ve progressed a lot in TA, speed wise… in the beginning of the semester I was among the last to finish the lab work . Yesterday I was the first to leave 🙂

Life is not fair. After scoring 315 runs in our innings, still we lose and to top it off the centurion doesnt get the man of the match award. Next match is in Kanpur. Hope we win.

Watched a movie “You’ve got mail”. Was a nice movie. I had seen a Hindi movie on similar themes (about Internet chat friends meeting up in life). The Hindi movie I think was called “Mitran”.. watched it last year I think. It was interesting to see Yahoo Messenger on TV. Anyway.. all the people I chat with, I have met at least once in real life so I hopefully won’t get any surprises.

Most likely I won’t be able to take up the overload next semester due to clashes. Finally I’ve decided on MOS and Electrical as my ESOs. Great, now I am late for Electronics class again. So far technically I haven’t skipped a single electronics class but I’ve missed the first fifteen minutes of almost every class so effectively I’ve missed about 6 lectures so far I guess.

Anyway… better start my marathon cycle race to the LHC.


April 11, 2005

Last time I think I said that life was tension free. Sure ! I started doing my TA HW an hr back. Tomorrow is going to be even more tension free… 9pm to 12 pm I have 3 non stop quizzes then from 2 to 5 or 6 TA lab.

Anyway yesterday was fun… took the guys for a wing treat at a restaurant called Picasso. It was fun and maybe Ill describe that trip separately. Pre registration has started. So far I’ve decided on one ESO for sure (MOS). I talked to the instructor and he said he would make the course open (no restriction on class size). Also told me in advance to expect 12 quizzes during the semester. Other ESO is ESO 210… Electrical Engg. I’m reasonably sure of taking it but just have to check up on the instructor and get some details on the course. I’m still wondering whether I should take up CS 719 as overload. I think I will.

Anyway… time to get back to TA and hope the quizzes go well tomorrow.


April 10, 2005

Finally, this blog script works. Phew ! Past two weeks have had a lot of ups and downs with the ups overshadowing the downs or to be precise, the “down”. The down was my phy midsem which went much worse than what I had expected.. ended up getting marks a shade below the batch average. Maths, Phy and TA were reasonably good. The other ups are being shortlisted for the Lucent scholarship interview and being elected CC secy for the coming year. This week I spent a lot of time on the Hall 2 site…. making a secure polling system (which I think is reasonably foolproof now) and of course moderating the discussion board.

My batch B3, has 3 non stop quizzes this Tuesday (Phy Math and Batti) and I havent studied anything substantial for the same. Batti Ill somehow manage a 9 or 10 but remaining two I have to spend some time on tomorrow.

Today is the JEE screening. Brings back memories of last year… I was at Jaipur staying at a hotel with my dad the day b4 JEE. Dad went to confirm the railway tickets and I was alone in a room with a TV. So what do I do? Push my Brilliant YG file to one side, switch it on, grab the remote and flip through the channels. Watched a movie… forgot the name but it was about an American college rugby team and their way to the top. Next day JEE went quite good and I was pretty sure of qualifying. One year later, life is fun, no tension. Wait a minute… actually lots of tension… I better stop writing and start studying Phy now.